On this page you will fined work that I am working on and the stages that i go through with the painting. I hope this will be interesting to see how I build a painting up from sketch to finished work.


       If you have a question about the way I did some think, or if you would like help with a painting you are working on fell free to contact me, and if I can help, I'll be glad to.

     When this painting of a Cheetah is finished, I think I will call it  (Vantage Point), A dead tree on the mara plains provides a good vantage point for a cheetah to use as a lookout.



  I started with a sketch I made from a slide, I like working from slide's rather than photo's as the colours are much brighter.



   I then started with the background. At this stage the background is only softly placed in as I will go over it again later after the structure of the painting is achieved, if the background is soft it will make the cheetah stand out more in the finished painting.   I will add more images as i go through.  



    The next step is to put in the structure of the painting ,this will enable you to see if the composition works, I'ts not important to go for to mutch detail, but I do get the shadowing in.



    In this step I gave the sky and background a wash of blue as I was not happy with the colour this I think looks beter.

    I then placed in the marking's on the cheetah, It is very important to get there shape right as they allso give the muscle structure shape, the image below is a closer photo.